My current work in progress To Pour Forth I explore the woman's body through slip dresses.  

           The dress’ role in my photographs is an outer skin that has been shed. They are thin, silky, and meant to be worn under clothing not to be seen. It is like a soft shell that was meant for some kind of protection, to separate the clothes from the skin. Slips are very feminine, and tend to have lace, flowers, to be pink or white, and sometimes a shade of skin color to “blend in” with the body. When looking at these garments they are highly recognizable as something meant for a woman. They are shaped and fitted for a body with curves and breasts that when they stand on their own they feel like they hold or once held a life within them. 

            My work focuses on the experience of pain, and how I can visualize that feeling. I destroy, paint, pin, and suffocate the dresses. In some of the photos the destruction is minimal, since not all pain can be seen. There are ongoing motifs, such as the rectangular box. It could represent isolation, shelter, or a secret. The viewer decides. With scraps of different materials I play with composition to inflict discomfort onto my subjects, or to show an aftermath of an occurrence. I started to include myself in some of the photographs, and now I am trying to figure out what the meaning is behind the self-portraits.