Self Portrait With Current Project 2017

Self Portrait With Current Project 2017


In my work I explore the different ways in which pain is experienced whether its mentally or physically. I incorporate different mediums to make a whole body of work. I consider myself a mixed media artist, though I like to use many photographic processes. I have a love for the physical labor and tangible look of wet plate photography, and different hand applied emulsion processes like cyanotypes, salt prints, and the most recent one I learned: oil printing. It is very important for my work to be hand done since I create series focused on the human body, and human memory. A lot of my pieces are sculptural such as photographs printed on pillowcases, my self portraits on glowing light boxes, and all of my pieces feel more like objects than just an image. In a world that is going into the direction of digital and 2D imagery I feel the need to make photographs that are more than just something to look at on a screen or a page. My goal is to make a person feel something when looking at my work, and perhaps they can relate to what they see.


I'm currently based in New York City.

For inquiries, commissions, or if you would like to buy a piece contact me by e-mail.

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Solo Gallery Show:

My Body vs. The Enemy, SVA BFA Photo Gallery E21st Street, New York, NY 

Jan 31 - Feb 12 2016


Draft 13 - Book Release and Exhibition, Gallery r Rochester, NY 

May 6th - 8th 2016 


SVA BFA Photo Mentor Show,  New York NY 

March 15th - April 1st 2016 


2016 National Alternative Process Competition - 2nd Place, Soho Photo Gallery 

November 2 – December 3, 2016


I Choose Film Exhibition, Southern Vermont Center, Manchester VT

July 8 - August 27, 2017




" I put myself back on the paths of the sea. 
            Night would blacken; it would snow from the north; 
            Frost bound the earth and hail would fall, 
            The coldest seeds. And how my heart
            Would begin to beat, knowing once more
      The salt waves tossing and the towering sea! 
            The time for journeys would come and my soul
            Called me eagerly out, sent me over
            The horizon, seeking foreigners’ homes. 
            But there isn’t a man on earth so proud, 
     So born to greatness, so bold with his youth, 
            Grown so brave, or so graced by God, 
            That he feels no fear as the sails unfurl, 
            Wondering what Fate has willed and will do. 
            No harps ring in his heart, no rewards, 
       No passion for women, no worldly pleasures, 

            Nothing, only the ocean’s heave.."

- The Seafarer


© 2012-2017 All Images by, Rachel Czajkowski